Strategy Is (Also) About Using Information Advantage At Right Time

This is an amazing story shared by Andre Agassi about how he deciphered Boris Becker's service based on his tongue movement. Not only he did that but he was smart enough to understand that he should use that information sparingly so that he didn't come to know that Agassi had figured out that peculiar thing... Continue Reading →

Thought of The Day

3rd May 2021 हे वन्यसुम! पर्याप्तः सौरभो नोऽवनौ तव!दुर्गन्धकुसुमैः कृष्टं लोकचित्तं प्रतारकैः ।। O wild flower! Your fragrance is not enough in this world.The mind of the world is carried away by stinking flowers that cheat.

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