A R Rahman on ‘Jai Ho’ song…this is what makes him Great…!

2 times Oscar winner A R Rahman on his Oscar winner composition 'Jai Ho':See, Jai ho became Jai ho because it was apt for the film, not because it was a great song. It was the right song and that’s why it worked out so well.This is what makes Rahman great! ...that he knows [and... Continue Reading →

Politics in the Maldives sinks to new lows…for a better cause!

Maldives holds first underwater cabinet meetingThe Maldives held world's first underwater cabinet meeting today...I really liked the concept...India should hold entire Parliament session underwater...only with one change - that no one should wear the scuba gear!I think that would be quite an innovation :)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The complete news:The government in the Maldives is holding its first underwater... Continue Reading →

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