Interesting talk by Gaurav Agarwal, IAS 2013 Rank 1

Interesting talk by Gaurav Agarwal, IAS 2013 Rank 1. Innovative example of Cricket to make a point about Politics (watch at 24:0 minutes) I stumbled upon this by chance and then watched few mock IAS interviews. I'll write a detailed post about IAS later (couple of them who I have met and many... Continue Reading →

On Counterfactual Thinking

Information on Counterfactual Thinking!!! Have you noticed Sakshi (Bronze medalist at Rio Olympics) was more happy than PV Sindhu (Silver medalist) at the end of game😳. It's not incidental finding but proven fact in many research after studying reactions of silver medalist vs bronze medalist! Ideally, silver medalist should be more happy than bronze. But,... Continue Reading →

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