Something interesting and something humorous on Stock Markets

In an interesting research paper, Michael Bar-Eli, et al, analysed 286 penalty kicks in top soccer leagues and championships worldwide. In a penalty kick, the ball takes approximately 0.2 seconds to reach the goal, leaving no time for the goalkeeper to see clearly the direction the ball is kicked. He has to decide whether to... Continue Reading →

Dahi Handi – Corporate Leasons

Dahi-Handi festival teaches us few Corporate lessons:1. All Cannot be at the top2. As you rise so does the risk3. Ground Level bears the maximum load4. And the guy at the top eats 'माखन'😆😝😉😁😀😛😜

15th August

15th August has been a memorable day for me during the years 2010-2014, and 2016...However every good thing comes to an end. Better thing comes to an end even faster...(?)Now 15th August is merely an Independence happy Independence...hope you ate enjoying your freedom!

3 Locks Puzzle

3 Locks PuzzleI have a safe with three keycard locks. That is, each lock is like a hotel door lock where you insert a card to operate the lock. I have three cards that look identical, a correct card for each of the locks. The safe operates as follows. If only one or two of... Continue Reading →

Just for fun…

A picture (with a caption!) says a thousand words!Read this news:Bring Back Murthy As Chairman Emeritus, Says Former Top Infosys Executive imagined this:Infosys and NRN 😜🤘Source: Twitter feed

Ancient Indian Wisdom series

I often come across many Sanskrit Shloka, Subhashit, pearls of wisdom which say mostly what modern (Western?) thinkers have said...and much later.Will try to post such stuff in a series/category - "Ancient Indian Wisdom"Here's the first...

राजा कालस्य कारणम्

कालॊ वा कारणं राज्ञॊ राजा वा कालकारणम्।इति ते संशयॊ मा भूद राजा कालस्य कारणम् ||१२|६९|७९ (भीष्म युधिष्ठिराला म्हणतात) काळ हा राजाला कारण होतो का राजा हाच काळाला कारण होतो, याविषयी तूं संशयांत पडू नको. कारण की, राजा हाच काळाला कारण आहे.In modern parlance: "People get the King/Government they deserve."


Today is 8th August. It reminded me of the inauguration of Beijing Olympics 2008. I was in the UK then pursuing MBA and was surrounded by several Chinese students. I remember what a great moment it was for them and how the event was celebrated and promoted on campus. 8 is very auspicious number in... Continue Reading →

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