3 Locks Puzzle

I have a safe with three keycard locks. That is, each lock is like a hotel door lock where you insert a card to operate the lock. I have three cards that look identical, a correct card for each of the locks.

The safe operates as follows.

If only one or two of the cards are inserted into the locks, nothing happens.

If all three cards are inserted, then:
(a) a card in the wrong spot closes the lock;
(b) a card in the correct spot changes the status of the lock: if the lock was closed it becomes open, if it was open, it becomes closed.

The safe only opens when all three locks are open.

This morning I found out that my son played with the cards and the safe.

Now the safe is closed, but I don't know which locks are open or closed, and I can't tell any of the cards from one another.

I'm in a bit of a tight spot. Can I eventually open the safe?