Happy B’day Mr. Rubik (Of Rubik’s Cube)

One of the puzzles that intrigue me is Rubik's Cube. I have written multiple blogs on Rubik's Cube. Ernő Rubik, the creator of Rubik's Cube was born on this day, 13th July 1944. Happy B'day Mr. Rubik! It was proven in 2010 that the cube is solvable from any position in ≤20 moves. http://cube20.org, is... Continue Reading →

A Glossary Of New Zoom Language

With the extensive lockdown for over 100 days, everybody is now used to online meetings from home, mostly using Zoom. And this has led to many jokes and memes about Zoom or online meetings in general. Here is a funny glossary of new Zoom language written by Shovon Choudhury in yesterday's The Hindu. A whole... Continue Reading →

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