Happy B’day Mr. Rubik (Of Rubik’s Cube)

One of the puzzles that intrigue me is Rubik’s Cube. I have written multiple blogs on Rubik’s Cube.

Ernő Rubik, the creator of Rubik’s Cube was born on this day, 13th July 1944. Happy B’day Mr. Rubik!

It was proven in 2010 that the cube is solvable from any position in ≤20 moves. http://cube20.org, is a good resource for much more info on Rubik’s Cube.

If you are wondering how complex Rubik’s Cube can be, here is the number of possible moves

One of my goals is to solve Rubik’s Cube. I mean not to solve the cube, I know how to do it, with some help from various resources (I don’t memorize the algorithm or move sequences, but know the broad notation and approach.) However, my goal is to know how Rubik’s Cube was solved, or how the specific sequence of moves can solve it.

Hope I do it in the next decade. I have already made some start and solved smaller aspects of Cube (for example, solving corners) 🙂

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