माझ्या पॊडकास्ट वरील नवीन गाणी

माझ्या पॊडकास्ट वर काही नवीन गाणी अपलोड केली आहेत...नटरंग उभा...Kaustubh's podcastखेळ मांडला...Kaustubh's podcastआता वाजले की बारा...Kaustubh's podcastगज़ल: देखावे बघण्याचे वय निघून गेले Kaustubh's podcast~ कौस्तुभ

On New Year Resolutions…2010

As always I have set a few (4 to be precise) New Year resolutions...some of them are tangible some are intangible. I would not divulge the details of what those are. But in addition to that I have added 2 more to the list. These two are not the resolutions in themselves but decisions to... Continue Reading →

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