On New Year Resolutions…2010

As always I have set a few (4 to be precise) New Year resolutions…some of them are tangible some are intangible.

I would not divulge the details of what those are. But in addition to that I have added 2 more to the list. These two are not the resolutions in themselves but decisions to pursue the other resolutions.

They are:

1. To be more anti-social: what I mean by this is…to reduce the time spent (both qualitative and quantitative) on ‘social networking’. I feel that it should not become an addiction…and so I should consciously use it sparingly. In 2008, I took the first step towards it by deleting my Orkut profile…mainly because I found Facebook better and did not feel need to be there on both Orkut and Facebook. Now I wouldn’t delete Facebook (or Linkedin or Twitter et al) account but would be less active. This also applies to online chatting/ email.

In short, I would reduce amount of ‘online networking’ but would focus more on ‘offline networking’ i.e. though blog etc. I feel that it would make me think and express (as opposed to real-time networking which is more of ‘reactive’ in nature).

I am also planning to re-do my blog (which is one of the action items on ‘to do’ list for 2010…

2. To stay away from any more resolutions: That is not to make any new resolutions unless I take the current one to some logical conclusion…e.g. achieved, abandoned or transformed into a new one.

~ Kaustubh


One thought on “On New Year Resolutions…2010

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  1. Good Resolution Kaustubh 🙂 I stay away from Resolutions and make them half way through the year 🙂 hope to see more posts on your Blog.


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