Vaalvi Review by Raja Sen

I wrote a review of the new Marathi movie Vaalvi a few days ago. Since I liked the movie a lot, I also recommended it to my non-Marathi speaking friends. Now the movie is streaming, along with subtitles, on Zee5 OTT platform since 24th February. A couple of non-Marathi speaking friends watched the movie and... Continue Reading →

विरंगुळाः मराठी वृत्तपत्रांची शोचनीय अवस्था

फरूळेकरांकडून फवारांकडे गेलेल्या फेफरचे संफादक, उफसंफादक, फ्रूफरिडर, फत्रकार आणि समस्त फिंफरीकर आणि फुणेकरांनी, कॉफीमुक्त फरीक्षेसाठी गेलेल्या फथकाला फुरेफुर फ्रयत्न करण्यासाठी फ्रोत्साहन द्यावे !!! #मराठीठारमारी

Thought of The Day

4th March 2023 "The three things I have found helpful in coping with its challenges are: Have low expectations, Have a sense of humor, Surround yourself with the love of friends and family” — Charlie Munger

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