Manu Joseph Columns in Mint

There are very few Indian columnists who write through-provoking, stimulating columns and write well (as in, with a literary flair). Manu Joseph would rank among the top in that list.

I first discovered Manu Joseph through his interviews on Youtube. Here are few of them which you might enjoy:

I then started following his columns in Mint and his tweets and they were very interesting! I also started reading a couple of books written by him, but didn’t proceed beyond first 5-10 pages.

Interestingly, he blocked me on Twitter when I argued with him once on some political issue 🙂

And yet I won’t change my opinion. He writes well. He is humorous, witty, sarcastic. He has a very different perspective on various subjects and often makes you think.

You can check all his Mint columns here:

The one I’ll specially recommend is:

The Gandhis and the power of the second-best choice.

The reason I thought of writing this post is his today’s column which is also an interesting read. Do check it here:

The enduring absurdity of following our role models

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