25 Years of DDLJ and Rangeela

Yesterday was 25th anniversary of the iconic Hindi film Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (DDLJ) which released on 20th October 1995.

The movie was hugely popular, probably one of the top 3 most popular movies in Indian cinema and it swept away all popular awards that year.

And that’s why I actually don’t like DDLJ so much. Because there was another great movie the same year, released few weeks before DDLJ and that was Rangeela!

I felt Aamir Khan should have won the Best Actor Award ahead of SRK for DDLJ. Fortunately, Rangeela won one key award, the Best Music Composer (A. R. Rahman’s first Hindi movie). But that was it. It was also from that year that Aamir Khan boycotted all popular award shows and never attended any, even if he was nominated or won any award.

It’s incredible that 25 years have gone by!

Here is one interesting chat with the star cast of Rangeela…interesting to listen to behind the scenes stories and anecdotes. Do watch!


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