(Rahman’s world-class studio in Chennai, India)
A R Rahman – the Mozart of Madras – does not need any introduction in India. He has revolutionised Indian film music and has taken it to a new height which none of his contemporaries can match.

He is not just the finest composer of India today, he is also one of the most respected composer/ film personality…has rarely been involved into any controvery, is very soft-spoken and is epitome of humility.
What distinuishes him from the rest of the music composers is – when others are keeping themselves busy on ‘musical reality shows’ such as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Indian Idol (creating ‘fake’controversies to boost up TRPs of their on shows), Rahman has been silently working on his dream project – a musical conservatory to nurture future musical talent in India!
And his dream – KM Music conservatory – is now complete and has already begun work – all without much hype/ publicity.
This is probably why not many are even aware of its existence. Check the website of his new venture: http://kmmc.in/
The vision of KMMC says it all:
The vision of the KM Music Conservatory is to develop and nurture an education in music for all who have the passion to learn. We hope to expand the horizons of musicians in India by creating an awareness of Western music and Music Technology, while continuing to respect and strengthen the art of Indian music.”
Check out the courses offered and the faculty (including visiting teachers). 
It is evident that Rahman has spent enough time and effort on this venture and has come up with an excellent product – just like any of his compositions!
This is the first institute in India of its kind which offers formal degree courses in music. 

Hopefully it will create many more great musicians and composers who will continnue Rahman’s legacy further…