Paul The Robot


This is amazing!

Paul The Robot

We have had computer/machine playing Chess and beating World Champion. Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov for the first time way back in 1997 (that’s 20 years ago!)

That was considered a BIG BIG thing and a major breakthrough in our quest to create intelligent machine that can mimic human brain.

Watch a beautiful documentary on this subject – Game Over: Kasparov and The Machine (2003) – here

Since then “intelligent machines” have made a lot of progress.

We now have machines that can

However, Paul The Robot is significant and different than above examples.

The above examples are about analysis of motion, and responding. They are still excellent achievement; however they are about Engineering and Science.

Paul The Robot is about “Art” – understanding a face and reproducing sketch. But is it about Art really? One can say that it is still about Engineering and Science – capturing image of the person, dividing it into blocks and pixels and then drawing the sketch. Well, maybe. But it is definitely a big leap in creating intelligent machines.

Drawing/sketching or Music are forms of Art – however, they have now been mechanized. Paul The Robot is an example. There are machines/software that can generate original musical soundtrack (I doubt if it would be as melodious; or perhaps more melodious, given the quality of today’s music). Check this news and this article.

I had read an article which argued that the highest level of “intelligent machine” would be one that can “think” (mimic brain) and create something original. And one of the examples mentioned in the article was – a machine that can write poetry, or a novel – a piece of literature that is not just collection of words, but which has the structure, content, emotion, imagination etc. A machine that can write an original movie screenplay, or lyrics (given situation) or a machine that can write a humorous piece – that would be the real “intelligent machine”.

My definition of “intelligent machine” is simple – if it can understand sarcasm, taunt, mocking etc. it’s an intelligent thing. Think over it! You really need intelligence to decipher sarcasm and taunts. And if you still don’t agree…well, I know something about you 🙂

P.S: You may like to watch this – 5 Fastest Robots In The World


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