30 Years of Mile Sur Mera Tumhara…

The iconic song “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” was released on Door Darshan (National Television) on 15th Aug 1988 and completed 30 years this year! Surprisingly nobody in media seems to have noticed it…

Beautifully composed by Shri Ashok Patki and sung by Who’s Who of Indian music industry at that time (leading from the front, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi and Lata Mangeshkar), this song was equally well shot. It had all the prominent stars/ faces from that generation. We used compete for identifying all the faces in song…It also chronicles who were the popular faces of that period – and who had not arrived yet. It is interesting to see India’s spin bowler Narendra Hirwani in that video – who had created sensation at that time by picking 16 wickets in his debut. Most people would not remember now. And the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Saurav Ganguly, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan didn’t exist or had not become popular.

The song was conceptualized by the Govt of India (Lok Seva Sanchar Parishad) and was promoted by Doordarshan and Ministry of Information and was meant to celebrate and showcase India’s diversity, peace, culture and unity!

The song was written by Peeyush Pandey who later played a major role in 2014 general elections when he helped the BJP with many catchy and popular slogans such as “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar”.

I was 8 years old when the song was released and I remember listening to it umpteen times and also humming along – especially the regional language portions!

It was really a classic! And it is so rare to see Government and its various outfits conceptualizing and producing something so remarkable!

The song was totally ruined in 2010 when it was “recreated”. Once you listen to this disaster you would appreciate the original song much more!


Shortly after “Mile Sur…” there was another similar song created by Doordarshan – “Baje Sargam Har Taraf Se” which was also as good, if not better, as Mile Sur…however it didn’t get as popular. Of course it was also very popular when it was released, but not in the same class of Mile Sur. Sometimes being the first (or elder…in case of siblings) has its advantages. Here is the song “Baje Sargam Har Taraf Se”



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