Happy National Mathematics Day 2019!

Today is birth anniversary of genius mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan (b: 22nd December 1987), which is also celebrated in India as National Mathematics Day!

I woke up today with an alert from WordPress that number of visitors to my blog had suddenly surged.

And it happened to be because of my blog post on Srinivas Ramanujan a few years ago! That’s how I remembered this day…

I have already written about Srinivas Ramanujan multiple times (you can search blog), so won’t write much today about him.

However, I want to share some interesting examples of the long and illustrous tradition of mathematics in India.

The mathematical treatise “Lilavati” by Bhaskaracharya (12th CE) contains many problem statements just like modern maths books. Here are few of them:

There are many more amazing examples of how developed Mathematics in India was. I have few books on ancient Indian mathematics. Will write a summary, blog on them soon…

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