My Blog Featured In IIM-A Alumni Magazine

I had written a blog on lessons in Marketing via cooking sometime in October 2018. I had sent the same to our alumni web magazine/newsletter and had forgotten about it.

I recently got to know from a feedback from my IIM-A classmate that the article was actually published in the IIM-A newsletter called WIMWIAN in 2018 itself. But since our alma mater is great at communications, it was never told to me that they have accepted and published my article.

For the uninitiated, WIMWIAN stands for “Well-known Institute of Management in Western India” alumni i.e. IIM, Ahmedabad which is located in the Western India. Originally there were 4 IIMs – viz. A,B,C,D i.e. Ahmedabad (Western India), Bangalore (South India), Calcutta (or Kolkata now, in Eastern India) and Lucknow (Northern India).

Ahmedabad was considered to be the top rated B-school in India and hence it was also popular WIMWI, and the students as WIMWIans. In fact there is a store in IIM-A campus known as WIMWIANS which sells IIM-A branded merchandise.

Anyways, so here is the link to my article, just in case you had not read it before (and want to check out now).


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