Letting Go…

It’s a very tough decision and I’m not sure if every person has to face it at least once in his life. The decision of letting go…

I had bought a Kindle eBook reader in 2012. Really liked it and accumulated a lot of books on it. Sometime in 2016 it started causing issues. The original charger cable seemed to be damaged. So I changed it and it seemed to work for a while. However, soon I figured our that the charging port of Kindle device itself had been damaged. The charger worked sometimes but not always. It had to be twisted and wound up and set at an angle so that the charging would resume.

I kept on using it in that tedious manner. As a result, the device became less useful. Because charging it was a problem. I would use it till battery almost dried out and then would spend hours on somehow recharging it.

As the difficulty in charging mounted, my patience in using the device started going down. Once charged, the battery would last few days, or even weeks! But only IF I was lucky to get the charging work.

The struggle was immense. It was taking a toll and the next step was inevitable.

Since 2016 I changed 4-5 cables. Got the KIndle port repaired, but that too didn’t last long. The person said the port is beyond repair and I should just change the device.

There was an option to download books on Kindle via wi-fi. And that still works fine. So more books piled up on KIndle in these years.

However, the key problem was charging. What if the device is really good and functioning well, but the battery doesn’t work?

In last few weeks, months, I started thinking about that inevitable thought – letting go off the Kindle. Cutting the chords (literally and metaphorically)…

So after trying very hard one last time yesterday night, I finally cut the chord – the only connection I had with KIndle. Now there is no way to recharge it.

The battery still shows 35%, but slowly it’ll fade and go down to 0% as time passes. I won’t get a new chord or try again.

This is akin to seeing a person on death bed, after removing the life support. It’ll last as long as it can. And then gone…

What’ll I do with Kindle device? Will I get new one? Or will I keep this and again try repairing at some other time?

No idea. Don’t want to think about it now. The Kindle is anyways inhuman and has no feelings towards me.

However, this will not stop my passion for reading. Kindle was a device. A tool. Means to an end. So reading will continue! Because that’s solitary…

Am I angry with Kindle? If it would have been a person, I would have. But I can’t get angry with inhuman object that doesn’t have any feeling. Do I have regrets for investing so much (piling books, spending time) in the device? No. But I have learnt an important lesson. Don’t invest much into inhuman objects. They might stop functioning, and it won’t be even considered “betrayal”.

Stay blessed…my Kindle device!

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