21 Days of Intense Book Reading

I have been away for a while because of lots of chaotic things happening at my place. So didn’t blog as frequently for the last few weeks/month. Now I am back!

During this period I also lost sheen of my other precious habit of reading. Some research claimed that it takes 21 days to build and sustain a new habit. i.e. if you keep on doing it diligently for 21 days, you’ll make it a regular habit beyond that period.

There are other counters to this research which say that “21 days” is arbitrary, or it doesn’t happen that way at all.

Without getting into merits of this research’s validity, I would give it a try, to get back to my reading habit.

So from tomorrow onwards till the end of October (barring 1-2 days when I’ll be away or fully occupied), I am going to take up intense reading!

Let’s see how much I can read (and I have plenty of backlog) or if this really develops into a habit (I hope it does) which I can sustain thereafter.

Wish me luck!

Oh yes, and the two books I’m going to start with are:

  1. The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel (in eBook format)
  2. How Innovation Works by Matt Ridley (in hard copy)

More on this towards the end of the 21-day period…

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