Student Forever. Teacher Sometimes.

I like learning new things and I like teaching. My twitter bio reads “Student Forever. Teacher Sometimes.”

I feel that teaching is the best form of learning. A few years ago I said this in one of my MBA classes and then in over enthusiasm I made a mistake of elaborating myself. I said: “When one teaches, two learn!”

The class took it literally and everybody started looking at each other to check who were the two lucky fellows who learnt something! Since then I have stopped using that line.

This is how I started my session yesterday on “Personal Finance” in my organisation.

I conducted the session online via Zoom call. I was presenting and hence couldn’t see video reaction of participants. People were responding via chat. But I couldn’t read chat since I was sharing my screen. So I was totally clueless about how the session went. But I continued as per my plan.

After the 90-minute session ended, we had 5-10 mins of Q&A and the enthusiasm was evident. I received good feedback, and many interesting questions and requests for forming a “Special Interest Group” to continue discussions on topic of Personal Finance.

After the session I received many Direct Messages (DM) on Slack (the internal communication app) and the reaction was endearing!

So overall, the session was very well received!

Here are a few reactions (anonymised to maintain privacy)

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