Basic Structure of The Constitution and Kesavananda Bharti Case

24th April 2003 was in news for a couple of reasons. If you are a cricket fan, especially fan of Sachin Tendulkar, you would know that 24th April is his birthday, and he completed 50 years this year (born on 24th April 1973).

I used to like Sachin a lot when he used to be a cricket player and was committed only to cricket (that was probably between 1988-2011). Towards the end of his retirement, and especially after his retirement, he is becoming more and more shallow person – doing silly ads, working for Mumbai Indians, and most importantly showing often that he is a spineless person who doesn’t have guts to take a stand against the current regime on important matters – in short, everything that doesn’t bode well with his stature of a “Bharat Ratna”.

Anyways, this post is not about Sachin or his 50th birthday.

In a rare coincidence, 24th April 1973 was also a landmark day in India’s democracy because that was the day when the Kesavananda Bharti vs Kerala State case verdict was announced. This year marked 50th anniversary of that important milestone in the democratic history of India!

I had read about the case in bits and pieces and knew that it’s often considered as the most important case for law students. However, I had never got into details of it.

However, to mark the 50th anniversary of the judgment, the Supreme Court of India launched a special page on their website dedicated to this case. You can access it here. There were also multiple articles in the newspapers explaining the context and importance of this case.

There are also many youtube videos explaining the case and its relevance in detail. Here are few such videos which I would recommend:

Of late I follow Supreme Court’s live hearings and have watched all sessions of Uddhav Thackeray’s SC case. I find those sessions very engaging, educating and entertaining (Not sure if I’m an odd weird guy who finds deep legal discussions “entertaining”!?).

So I found various videos about this case (with different levels of depth) interesting and hence thought of posting it here.


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