The job market in India and the rest of the world (which coincidentally makes it ‘whole world’) is grave…this was probably the worst time to graduate…and as my reputation goes…I have grabbed that coveted opportunity and have completed my MBA…

As my friend once rightly said:

“The B-school promised us that MBA would change our lives…sure, it did! Earlier I had a job and no education loan…now I don’t have a job but have a huge bank loan!”

The silver lining to the current banking crisis is – when the banks go bust – so does the money the bank has lended, and the borrowers like me no longer have to re-pay loan…

The bad part is: I have obtained loan from a goverment-owned (federal) bank – so no chance of going it bust…which means I MUST repay my loan -:(

A friend of mine gave me some hope and said ‘Don’t worry…have patience!’…I said ‘ I am not worrying…and I do have plenty of patience, but the bank that gave me education loan doesn’t…and if I give them hope (just as you gave me), they wouldn’t accept it…they want their money :(‘

Mark Twain was right about bankers when he said:

“A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain” …and right now it is not just raining….it is pouring torrents!

Anyways, my job search is going on well…yesterday a watchman (a security guard in apartments) in a building next to mine, left his job…so there is one more vacancy for me …but the competition there is tougher…and surprisingly they don’t want ‘mindful’ watchman :(…they don’t even understand what a “mindful watchman” is….they just want a “watchful watchman” – that’s all!!!

Today I received an email from an employer (from some junk local Job site, I had never registered to…)…they are ‘happy to let me know that I have been shortlisted for an “accountant-cum-office-boy” post in a small office in rural area’…(and I am not kidding…it is true!).

The job description says: “…should be able to perform essential function of this role, which include hearing, speaking, typing, and occasionaly moving and/or lifting up to 15 Kgs!!!”

LOL!!! I am still in doubt whether to apply for this job or not…I can do hearing, speaking and typing (though not at the same time…which is not clearly mentioned in the job description)…but moving/ lifting up 15 Kgs. is something I need to be sure of….

But I look at the positive side….the fact that I am getting some kind of job offers…

Cheer Up ! Things are getting worse at a slower rate…

~ Kaustubh