Enough is enough

As a consequence of brutal terror attack on Mumbai that shook the entire nations, things have started moving fast. It is extremely sad that it took such a heinous attack and lives of many civilians and India’s best security people for government to act.

India has always been proud of its democracy – and rightly so. But the fact is, the same democracy – what sometimes is referred to as ‘functioning anarchy’ has led us to the current state of the nation. We have developed this habit of taking an assault, absorbing all pains and shocks  and moving on without fighting back…the shameless politicians and the high-brow, elite class call it – ‘The spirit of India’ (???)

There have been many bomb blasts and terror attacks in India over the years. But the one on Mumbai has aroused completely different sentiments. The reason is obvious – till now terror attacks were limited mostly to railways, targeted at common people (except for the one on parliament). But the one on 26/11 was targeted at rich and elite class of the five-star hotels. Many high profile business leaders, bureaucrats and other distinguished guests became victim or escaped narrowly. This created a panic wave among those sections of the society which till now had considered themselves safe. These people did not do much in the past than to shed a tear or two for the common people victimized in the attacks – or maybe donate some money, organize charity shows to raise funds etc. But this time they are responding differently – for the first time they can feel pains and sufferings of common man. Look at the way this high-brow society (from Shobha De to Amitabh Bachchan to other celebrities) are reacting – ‘Enough is enough’

It is unfortunate that such a threat to India compel s us to unite against war on terror – nevertheless the silver lining is that – at least now the need for national security is felt unanimously by India.

Ajmal Amir Kamir, age 21,  (picture below) is the only terrorist involved in the Mumbai attack to have been captured alive. He speaks fluent English and hails from Pakistan’s Faridkot district. It absolutely perplexes me to imagine what goes on in the minds of such youth who embrace terrorism – what kind of education/ brain-washing they go through. What their primary motive is and what kind of a system gives them a free hand to develop these feeling?

India have used a tough language while citing Pakistan link to the terror – and as per the customary, Pakistan has shaken hands off it. There may or may not be any involvement of Pakistani government in these attacks but the fact that cannot be denied is: These terrorist groups have been using Pakistani soil to carry out such plots, and the government of Pakistan has not been able to contain them.

It remains to be seen how this diplomatic and political battle shapes up between India and Pakistan – does it lead to a war, does it end up like ‘a flash in the pan’ just as on many previous occasions or does it act as the prime issue in the upcoming General Elections in India. The recent developments are already hinting towards the last – when Home Minister was asked to resign from his post citing the responsibility of the attack and the opposition clinched the opportunity by calling it a step ‘too little, too late’

But one thing is certain that the mood amongst common people has reached it tolerance level. The message is clear and loud: ‘Enough is enough’

(Ajmal Amir Kamir – the only terrorist caught alive)
(terrorists stormed CST Railways station)
(Taj hotel set on fire)
(Carnage at CST Railway station)
(Hotel Taj in flames)

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