Microsoft is back with a ‘Bing’

Microsoft is back with a bang Bing

Further to my post about Kosmix here is another search engine aiming to pose a serious alternative (and threat) to Google.

And this time it is worth taking note; for it is none other than software giant Microsoft.

Microsoft recently launched its new search engine called ‘Bing’, what they call as ‘decision engine’ instead of a mere ‘search engine’ (Bing would replace existing Live Search – which is a distant third after Google and Yahoo, with less than 10% market share)

And the initial reviews have rated it Very Good (Don’t know if those are ‘paid reviews’; but witha marketing budget of 80 to 100 million USD for ‘Bing’, it could easily buy all these Tech Review magazines – let alone just getting the favourable reviews)

Haven’t tried Bing yet but the look and feel seems attractive. Try it – Go Bing yourself…

By the way, Bing is already in (gossip) news for (allegedly) using a lame shortform for BING i.e. But It’s Not Google (suggesting that it can do everything that Google does – BUT it is not Google)

~ Kaustubh


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