Usain Bolt is the World’s Fastest Man…again!!!

The 22-year old 6 ft. 5 inches tall Jamaican smashes world record by 0.11 seconds

In one of the most highly anticipated events at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin, Usain Bolt of Jamaica won the gold medal in the men’s 100-meters on Sunday. It took Bolt just 9.58 seconds to assume the title of the “World’s Fastest Man”.

Check the photo-finish:

The world record has never before been broken by a margin that big, not in the modern era of computerized timing. Also five men have never before run under 9.93 seconds in the same race.

Tom Fordyce, the BBC sports journalist summed it up nicely:

“Bolt wins races by the sort of distance that would be considered a spanking in a 400m contest. He behaves in a manner that the sport has never seen before, and then runs times that no-one believed they would ever see.

When Bolt ran 9.69 secs last summer in Beijing Olympics, even that seemed an impossible time. To take another 11 hundredths of a second off that defies logic, history and everyone else’s biology.”

~ Kaustubh

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