Finance Ministry will soon introduce symbol for Rupee …on lines of symbol for USD ($), British Pound, Japanese Yen etc.
Finance Ministry of India had announced a public competition in March 2009 inviting citizens of India to submit their design/ sketch for symbol of Rupee. Over 2400 participants were shortlisted in the initial round.
Now the Ministry has reduced the list to final five contestants and will soon choose one as a winner:
Once the symbol has been approved and accepted by the Government (through Legislation) it would substitute Rs. Or INR (Indian Rupee) which are currently used…This would be applicable to new currency notes and coins too!
According to Reserve Bank of India “The symbol of the rupee will have an iconic meaning, which is to convey the brand value of the currency and the nation. The launch of a symbol is a step towards making it internationally acceptable for trading
Source: Business-Standard newspaper
So very soon you might see a symbol for Indian Rupee on your Keyboards!!!
~ Kaustubh