The Joy of Solving Brain Teasers, Puzzles and Donald Trump!

I like solving puzzles, brain teasers. That doesn’t mean I am an expert at solving them. It just means that I enjoy the process and I don’t get fed up with trying. And if I get the answer right, that’s a bonus!

Mathematicians often use word “elegant” when they talk about their research or work. By elegant they mean that a complex mathematical equation that looks so simple and yet profound, and that which looks succinct – more like poetry.

Sometimes the answer is not elegant, but the method or arriving at it is. And sometimes the answer itself is so revealing that it evokes another interesting chain of thoughts! I am often in awe of people who compose such puzzles, brain teasers!

Recently I came across this puzzle. Isn’t it wonderful that someone could actually create a puzzle out of nowhere?

And if you think that the puzzle is a genius, you would be amazed once you see the possible solution! The possibility (that the answer proposes) is a frightening thought – sure to spark HUGE debate in the US! See if you can crack that J

If you have missed the clue, it is right there in the title of this blog!


Source: Twitter

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