A friend of mine shared this very interesting article today:

How a blind artist is challenging our understanding of colour

Source: https://scroll.in/article/873377/how-a-blind-artist-in-turkey-is-challenging-the-understanding-of-colour

I have thought about this and discussed this with friends several times before in various context. And here are my thoughts on this:

The question that still remains is:

Does the painter understand colors through his own perception? Or has he memorised them (as he mentioned at one point). Likening Red with Hot is good…but was that his own discovery or was it told to him? If it was told then he has accepted established world view of colors.

A study showed that blue color evokes friendship, socializing. Hence logos of FB, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress, Telegram, Dropbox, Naukri, Paytm, Outlook, Google Duo and so many other Social Media Apps have Blue as prominent shade.

Now this is (or could be) induced expression (Cultivated by constant hammering of this association Blue = Friendly) or is it really there? Difficult to tell even for a person with vision. At best, it is statistical conclusion (which can be conditioned).

For example, association of saffron and renunciation/sacrifice/detachment would be natural for those who know about Hinduism and Buddhism…but does it come naturally to others? Do we know what is “saffron” equivalent for Zulu or Eskimo or some other tribes and civilizations (if they have such association)?

So my Question is: If such associations of color and emotions were told to the painter and he memorized them then what does it show – beyond the obvious that he has memorized and imbibed the color understanding of person who told him about it. And if he has developed that understanding by himself then it opens up far too many questions/ possibilities. My hunch is that it is the former…