Fabiano Caruana (The Challenger) vs Magnus Carlsen (The Defending Champion) in World Chess Championship 2018

So it’s American Fabiano Caruana (The Challenger) vs Norwegian Magnus Carlsen (The Defending Champion) in World Chess Championship in November 2018 in London!

The American won the candidates match in style on 27th March to qualify as the Challenger.


This is the first time since 1972 when an American challenger will challenge the World Chess Champion. The last one was the legendary maverick Bobby Fischer who went on to become the world chess champion.

Caruana seems to be more popular and perceived to be friendly and likable guy compared with Magnus Carlsen who is perceived to be rude, arrogant or less friendly.

Many people are saying nice things about the new Challenger.


And there have been few kind persons who have helped him anonymously. This is from a profile of Fabiano Caruana on page B6 of the May 17, 2003 edition of @nytimes: “…the family has found a sponsor, who insists upon anonymity, who provides a jet for travel and money for coaching.”


In fact Caruana’s story is interesting. You should read this interview from November 2017 to know more about his upbringing and chess journey.

Fabiano Caruana Tells Us What The Life Of A Chess Grandmaster Is Really Like

Let’s hope that we see a good contest in November 2018 when Caruana takes on Magnus Carlsen in London. I definitely want Caruana to beat Carlsen – because he snatched the World Chess Championship from my favorite Vishwanathan Anand 🙂

But the twitter poll and the current form/record of Magnus suggests that he would win comfortably.


Let’s see…November/December is not far away, winter is coming!




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