Rubik’s Cube and juggling!

I had tried to solve Rubik’s Cube on my own for several years but never found a convincing method to solve it. I did manage to solve some random position but it was more of luck.

In doing so what I learnt on my own was solving specific squares or specific corners. And I felt I had really achieved something!

Anyways, after many years of trials I gave up and checked online the algorithm to solve Runik’s Cube and then solved it. I was glad to know that I was on correct path…but that doesn’t mean I would have solved completely.

Since then, I am in search of the answer to question: “why” that algorithm works. Or “how” it is developed. Do let me know if you know any good sources to learn this.

Meanwhile, check this amazing video! I have seen on Youtube lots of videos of people who solve the cube in matter of few seconds.

But this is beyond everything I have seen so far…!

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