Happy B’day Google!

Happy B’day Google! Google turns 20 today…founded on this day in 1998.

I have read The Google Story and liked it a lot! I have also heard that In The Plex by Stephen Levy is another good book on Google.


Amazon was founded in 1994 and Google was founded in 1998. I was 14 and 18 years respectively. So I have closely followed how these two companies went on to become the mammoth empires. In fact nobody, including founders, would have believed 20 years ago that Amazon and Google would go on to become multi-billion dollar organizations.

I started my career with Infosys and I remember that in 2004 Infosys reached milestone of $1 billion revenue. It was considered a phenomenal achieved in the Indian IT industry! And it took 23 years for Infosys to reach the landmark.

What was the revenue of Amazon (born: 1994) and Google (born: 1998) in 2004? It was $6.92 billion and $3.14 billion respectively. Already 3-6 times the 23-old veteran.

If that sounds astonishing, compare the 2018 numbers.

Infosys just about crossed the milestone of $10 billion in 2018. Amazon did $177 billion and Google earned $109 billion! Far far ahead of Infosys; in fact the entire Indian IT Services industry put together did $150-160 billion in 2017.

Of course, in case of Amazon, the definition of Sales is tricky – because of Gross Merchandise Value. But in case of Google, all numbers are much more healthy and growing!

It would be interesting to imagine/speculate what Google empire would look like in 2023 when it turns 25. Any guesses?



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