7 Books I Love…

I have been away from blogging for quite some time now (except for the daily Thought for The Day). Actually I have several blog drafts written and waiting to be finished/published.

I don’t know why I have not been able to publish them. Yesterday my soulmate asked me: Why are you not writing?

I gave some answer – because I had to say something. But then I thought about all those reasons I gave and realized that none of them was convincing, or real. Maybe it was just laziness, or lack of feedback/motivation.

Fortunately, yesterday’s small chat got me motivated, and today morning I got another motivational boost!

I saw on Twitter a trend named #7BooksILove. The idea is to post picture of a book cover for 7 days – no reviews, no explanations – just a book/day for 7 days. And then you also challenge someone else on Twitter with the same trend and urge them to post. I liked the idea!

For long time I wanted to write a series about the “Books I Love” , but writing reviews and my thoughts is a time consuming process. So it’s getting delayed. But posting picture is not such a big deal! So I’ll take up this challenge for now. I’ll also slightly modify the challenge. I’ll post, starting tomorrow, picture of a book I own (not necessarily I love, because there are books I love which I don’t own). Hopefully this will lead to writing about the books I love.

So from tomorrow, 1st March, and for next 7 days, I’ll post picture of a book from my book shelf.

I don’t know any of my readers personally, except for Ramana Sir! So I would throw the same challenge at him! Hope he takes this easy challenge and posts pic of a book cover for 7 days. I would also invite other readers/bloggers to do the same and tag me (or post comment on this blog) so that I can check their books. You can also throw the same challenge to others and help grow this interesting trend!

So let me jump to my book shelf and find a book for tomorrow’s first post!

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