10 Years On Twitter and What Do You “Readgret”?

Today I woke up with the following alert from Twitter…it seems that this week happens to be my 10th Year Anniversary on Twitter. I joined in first week of March 2009, I didn’t know what Twitter was, or how it works. But very soon I got hooked on to it and have been using it extensively (to put it in perspective – 2 times more than WhatsApp)

I have been an early adopter of Social Media. I had joined Facebook in 2007, while studying in the UK, when not many Indians were there. I have now deactivated FB (not deleted). I started blogging way back in 2004 or so. Joined Twitter pretty early. I am also on Instagram, tumblr, Linkedin, Quora, and Pinterest – but not very active.

Among all these SM platforms I liked Blogging and micro-blogging (i.e. Twitter). Because they align with my interest and purpose!

Anyways, here is something interest about reading, which I found on Twitter.

Goodreads (owned by Amazon) is a good platform for book lovers.

It contains reviews and discussions on books; you can create your own library/wish-list, follow other people and exchange book ideas/recommendations!

Goodreads’ Twitter handle also posts some interesting trivia, questions and opinion polls.

Here is one which they posted recently:

I may sound pompous, but in my case it would be my diary (well, not a physical diary…but the digital archive I maintain). I have too many diverse interests and it is virtually impossible to pick ONE author who would keep me engaged always. However, my diary/notes/blog is a reflection and aggregation of all the various things I liked at various points in time.

So I would rather prefer to have such a diary (not just my own, maybe someone else’s too) which would collate interesting works across the topics and subjects.

What would the answer be in your case? And why?

There is another good Twitter handle named “Epic Reads”. They post interesting words, stories and anecdotes.

While browsing their posts I stumbled upon an interesting word “readgret”!

Interestingly the noun and the verb have almost opposite meaning. Anyways, let me take a stab at it.

  1. Noun: My readgret is that I have read many books borrowed from library rather quickly and in shallow manner, just because the due date for return was close. Many times I decided that I would either buy that book, or borrow again and read at leisure – but that never happens. The most recent example of this is a very good Marathi book on Mahabharata, a bunch of critical essays – which I should have read at leisure and with due focus; not while commuting to work or watching TV News.
  2. Verb: I readgret that there are so many great books which I simply didn’t know about and discovered very late. I find it insanely stupid that in spite of having heard about Warren Buffet, I didn’t know about Charlie Munger till I was 30 years old. Since then I have read a lot about him, books recommended by him and the words written/spoken by him. Similarly, my father had bought Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead long long ago, and yet I didn’t read both until the age of 30. One more example is the Marathi books written by Narhar Kurundkar. I had read Jaagar when I was 15-16, because the book was available at home. But I didn’t read his other books till I crossed 30…don’t know why.

Even now there are many such books, authors which are on my To-Read List and yet I have not managed to make any progress on the list. The only silver lining is – at least I know what I am missing and need to read.

Otherwise, in the good old days it was a case of Not knowing what I was missing on. As they say: “Ignorance is bliss”!

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