Pi Day Or Einstein’s Birthday?

Today is National Pi Day (March 14th or 3/14). I wrote a blog on this in 2018 which you can read here. There is a whole website dedicated to Pi Day!

Interestingly, Pi Day is mentioned as “National Pi Day” not “International Pi Day”. Did you notice that? That’s because 3/14 (mm/dd) nomenclature is followed in very few nations – mainly the US. For the rest of the world which follows dd/mm convention, the Pi Day would ideally be on 22nd July (22/7).

I came across this interesting map which shows how many nations follow mm/dd vs how many follow dd/mm. The person who posted this must be from “dd/mm” fraternity, because he also mentioned that why should others celebrate “Pi Day” today? I would rather celebrate 14th March as Albert Einstein’s Birthday! This year marks 140th birth anniversary of Einstein.

Well, I agree with the message…most of the world should celebrate Pi Day on 22/7 and not today i.e. 3/14.

As for most Indians (and Indian media), they are not really bothered about today being either Pi Day or Einstein’s Birthday. They know it as Bollywood Film Star Aamir Khan’s birthday 😛

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