Two (Totally Different) Talks On India UnInc

I recently read a book by IIM Bangalore Professor Vaidyanathan called “India Uninc”. I am yet to finish the book, but the overall theme of the book is that the so called “unorganized”, “marginalized” sector of India is far more crucial than the attention it gets. The “Incorporated” businesses cover only a small section of GDP, in terms of many metrics such as # of people employed, % of GDP, Return on Assets, Return on Capital etc. And yet they get undue attention.

I came across this talk by Prof. Vaidyanathan on the same topic which he delivered at MoneyLife Foundation about 4 years ago.

Recently I cam across another talk on India UnInc by Capt. Raghu Raman. This was shared by someone I respect and he was praising it a lot!

After watching the talk by Capt. Raghu Raman I was not very impressed. I am getting sick of these TED Talks or other “Motivational Speeches” that come up with some groundbreaking and seemingly simple narratives and in the process take potshots at – established Management theories, or mainstream Corporate culture or the conventional norms of the business. These speeches somehow seem too snooty, too “You have missed the whole point” type approach and try to judge the common viewer as someone who is far from common sense.

I am sorry to say, but Capt. Raghu Raman’s talk is a gas balloon…the management lessons seem far fetched and fabricated just for the sake of doing so.

You may not agree…you may be among the 10K people who have liked this video. Check it out…

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