What Kind of Creative Person You Are?

Personality tests and Psychometric tests are fun. They are as reliable as weather forecasts, or analyst expectations of business/stock performance.

I have written many such tests and have realized the pattern, the utility and futility of all tests.

Look at this test put up by Adobe – the software maker for Digital creativity. This test is a clever marketing strategy to push Adobe Create – one of their products/tools for designing.

Here’s what they say about the test:

Everyone has a Creative Type. What’s yours?

The Creative Types test is an exploration of the many faces of the creative personality. Based in psychology research, the test assesses your basic habits and tendencies—how you think, how you act, how you see the world—to help you better understand who you are as a creative. Answer these 15 questions and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your motivations, plus insight into how to maximize your natural gifts and face your challenges.

These personality types aren’t black-and-white labels. Think of them more as signposts pointing you toward your full creative potential. While there’s probably one core type that best describes you, you may change types at different points in your life and career, or even at different stages of the creative process. As a creative, you have a little bit of all eight Types inside you.

Below are the eight types:

If you are smart enough to notice, none of the types are derogatory or demeaning. All are moral-boosting in some way. There isn’t a type called “The Idiot” or “The (Pathological?) Liar” or “The Cunning”. So basically it is not a real test but an ego massage.

Anyways, as I said in the beginning, such tests are fun and should be taken lightly.

If you want more fun, here is what you can do (and that’s probably somewhat meaningful…more than the test result).

Before taking test, you guess your own type. And see the result.

So go on and take the test to see what type of creative person you are. You can take the test here:

Creativity Type Test

If you are curious about personality type, I guessed it right! And I have no pride (or shame) in it…because I don’t take it seriously.

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