Nassim Nicolas Taleb Is A Genius…

Among the modern thinkers I admire and follow often are Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett, Yuval Noah Harari, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hichens, and Nassim Nicolas Taleb.

By follow, I don’t mean I worship them or agree with everything they have to offer. But they definitely stimulate thinking…

Nassim Nicolas Taleb is the least articulate (along with Harari as a distant second) of them all – maybe because English is not his native language. But he is amazing in his clarity of thought and sheer bluntness in saying things without being politically correct.

The reason I wrote this blog is two of his latest tweets:

1. Time spent on revenge is never wasted

2. Revenge is a moral obligation!

Amazing lines!

Mahabharata is also a story of revenge, isn’t it?

It’s mainly the story of revenge of Draupadi’s insult. But there are many other insult and revenge stories.

I have often thought about this…

Imagine any Bollywood movie, say Sholay. What would have happened if Thakur had just forgiven Gabbar of his sins? Well, to say the least, no movie could be made.

But more importantly, it just cannot end like that. If a wrong is done to you, you must respond and set an example!

Revenge was a moral obligation for Thakur! And he used Jai and Veeru to fulfill that.

It’s irrelevant and stupid to ask question such as: “But what was the moral obligation for Jai and Veeru?”

Not every question can be addressed with same set of tools, framework or philosophy.

So I would always add “sometimes” to not generalize things.

So the revised wisdom quotes are:

1. Sometimes, the time spent on revenge is never wasted

2. Sometimes, revenge is a moral obligation!


Sometimes, Nassim Nicolas Taleb is a genius!

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