Two Queen Sacrifice Games In Eight Days By Indian Chess Players

Game 1: On 19th June 2019 Indian IM K Ratnakaran sacrificed his queen on move #8 against a much higher rated GM and went on to defeat him.

Game 2: On 11th June 2019, GM Murali Karthikeyan sacrificed his queen on move #9 and beat a Grand Master

Both games are being compared with few legendary games involving Queen sacrifices. Every legendary player has played a game involving Queen sacrifice.

One from 1962 between Rashid Gibiatovich Nezhmetdinov and Oleg L Chernikov.

The second game was by Garry Kasparov, on move #12.

Mikhail Tal too sacrificed his Queen in elegant manner!

Vishy Anand’s Queen sacrifice

Anatoly Karpov’s Queen sacrifice:

Bobby Firscher’s Queen sacrifice:

And how can be the Mozart of Chess, Magnus Carlsen be behind? Here’s a compilation of 5 of his Queen sacrifices!

I don’t think AlphaZero has yet sacrificed Queen. At least I have not found it so far. But AlphaZero has sacrificed many pieces to gain advantage and win…so some day, we’ll have a Queen sacrifice by AlphaZero too!

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