Two Underrated Hindi Movies

I watch a lot of movies – mostly Hindi. And I watch all kinds of crap, even in movie halls. That’s why my expectations from a movie are very low. I am not one of those who would watch only classics or meaningful movies or movies with substance.

Warren Buffett says, “Secret to successful investing and happy/sustained marriage is the same – it is low expectations!”. Same is true about my movie watching experience. And that helps me, because I’m not hugely disappointed – even by the most horrendous movies.

So when I get recommendations about some movies, I try to watch, or at least quickly run through.

Suspense thrillers and murder mysteries are my favorite genres. Unfortunately there are not too many good movies in these genres, compared with the other types such as Love stories, or Musicals, or Comedies. So when I get some new recommendations of these two genres, I definitely take a look.

Recently I came across 2 movie suggestions – one is a murder mystery and the other is a psychological thriller. Both are very underrated movies and totally unnoticed, forgotten. And that’s why both are available on Youtube for free.

So I watched both during last week and liked. Not great movies, but decent one-time watch. Check if you are interested…

Blue Oranges (2009) starring Rajit Kapur

404: Error Not Found (2011) starring Nishikanth Kamat, directed by Prawaal Raman, who directed or assisted few movies made by Ram Gopal Verma

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  1. Well I’m the opposite I reckon! Recently I watched a Wednesday. Truly something that makes us think. What Bollywood do you recommend for a non movie sort of person 😅😂

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    1. Since you have just watched A Wednesday, I am assuming backlog of at least 12 years. Some of my recommendations would be (not in any particular order and mix of all genres):
      Andhadhun, Article 15, Dangal, Badla, Rocket Singh, Talvar/Rahasya, Drishyam, Golmal Part 1 and 4, 3 Idiots, PK/Oh My God!, Dhamal, Special 26

      For pre-2009 the list would be different. All these movies are post “A Wednesday”

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