Chat with R. Gopalakrishnan

Algebra is one of the better online platforms/Youtube channels I follow. They do talk shows, 1-on-1 chat with people from various walks of life. Some of them are really interesting and help you discover or connect with new people.

Recently I saw one such episode which I am sharing here. It was with R. Gopalakrishnan – a corporate veteran who spent decades with Hindustan Unilever (Indian subsidiary of Unilever group) and Tata Group. He has also written many books.

In fact I have two of his books: Six Lenses: Vignettes of Success, Career and Relationships, which I bought in 2016 and misplaced it somewhere and hence didn’t read. (after watching this interview I have searched and found that book again! So hopefully, will read in next couple of months, or at least not misplace it again). His second book The Made-In-India Manager was gifted to me last year in November by CII for my little contribution towards Business Excellence assessment. To be honest, the book cover looked unattractive and I didn’t bother read it; or didn’t even notice that it was written by R. Gopalakrishnan.

Now after watching the Algebra interview I remembered that I have two of his books and another two in my Amazon “wish list”.

Sometimes audio-visual is a better media to know a person and get interested in his work, thoughts. I am glad that it happened in this case. I also remember having seen a small part of his interview, may be as a WhatsApp forward, long ago. So now keen to read his books and watch more of his interviews.

Do check this interesting conversation:

Updated on 9th October 2019:

Here is one more session (the latest) from Algebra with Mr. R. Gopalakrishnan

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