Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics

Dr Thomas Sowell, Americal Economist born in 1930, is a living legend!

In our Economics classes I don’t remember our Professors talking about him much. Or maybe they did so in passing and I didn’t notice. So I was torally unaware what a genius this man is!

I discovered him during last year through Twitter quotes and since then I have posted many of his quotes in the daily Thought of The Day.

I also watched some of his videos on YouTube and got more interested. Checked some of his books on Amazon, but all of them are imported, and hence very expensive!

Then I remembered that I have Audible membership (thanks to Amazon Prime) where I get 1 Credit per month for buying audio books.

So this month I used the credit for buying Thomas Sowell’s book titled Basic Economics. The book is amazing! Best for anybody who doesn’t have any formal training in Economics.

Isn’t it amazing what Technology has done to learning and education? I can’t get an expensive book. So I look for Kindle/eBook version. Still find it expensive; I get the audio book. Had this been expensive too, I would have searched Torrent for a free copy 😋 I know it’s wrong, but using Torrent for books is much more respectable than using it for a banned A-rated movie or a deleted controversial clip!

Audio book is not the best suited medium for this book, and I intend to buy it some day. But for now I’m enjoying the audio version!

I’ll highly recommend it to you all…happy reading!

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