Good Read: Are The Intellectual Benefits of Reading Overrated?

Manu Joseph is an interesting writer/columnists/personality. I have not read a single book by him, but have read some of his columns in the Mint newspaper and have also watched few of his interviews. They were really good.

A couple of days back I read his latest article in the Mint titled “Are The Intellectual Benefits of Reading Overrated?” It’s a controversial question and a very well written article, hence thought of sharing here.

I came across this article through his tweet which said: “A great secret of the world is that most educated people can’t read well. They absorb knowledge in other forms, which are considered inferior to reading. But the fact is most books are dim, dull. Not only are books overrated; reading itself is

I hope, by now, this view has caused enough curiosity, agitation in your mind. So here is the link to complete article:

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