In Conversation With Vishy Anand

One of the blessings of COVID-19 and the lockdown is that I am exploring very very interesting contents online – be it movies, documentaries, web series or talk shows/podcasts. Even without lockdown I would have continued to do so, but at far slower speed. The lockdown has accelerated it by 10X or 20X!

Recently I came across Chess Grand Master’s 2 part interview with former Chess World Champion GM Vishwanathan Anand. Surya has been a great player himself and also worked as a “second” for Vishy Anand during his World Championship prep.

For those who are not familiar with Chess, a “second” is a training and preparation partner for very crucial events such as World Championship and is a very critical component in the success of the contestant.

This 2 part interview is amazing and a must-watch for all Chess lovers. Even for non chess players there are many interesting points – especially Anand’s take on various subjects outside chess.

Two highlights of the first part are:

  1. Anand’s (and even Surya’s) Blindfold prowess
  2. Anand’s apt analogy between COVID-19 and Chess-playing machine

Part 2:

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