Similarities Between Sanskrit and Persian

I came across this amazing video on similarities between Sanskrit and Persian and thought of sharing here.

In my MBA class we had people from 25 different nationalities and that was a very enriching experience going far far beyond the Management. People from other nationalities in my class always said that they were not able to understand a “typical Indian”. How he looks, or speaks or thinks. Among the 17 Indians in the class, there were people from Kashmir, Kerala, Bihar, Maharashtra, Andhra, UP, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Himachal, Rajasthan, West Bengal and so on. We couldn’t speak with each other in a common Indian language. Some of us were fair and some were dark. Even food we ate was different. So other nationalities struggled a lot to typecast us.

There was another interesting phenomenon. We had 5 Pakistani classmates, and we got along with them very well. In fact one of them became my best buddy, and still is very good friend! So other nationalities were surprised that some of us could talk to Pakistanis in Hindu/Urdu, but couldn’t talk to our own Indians who spoke Tamil or Telugu and didn’t speak Hindi.

More interesting part was that if Pakistanis and Indians wrote in their own language script (Urdu and Devnagari, respectively), however if both used Roman script for writing, we could read and understand! So language is not confined to script…

Another learning was that Hindi/Urdu shared a lot of words with Persian. We had one Iranian classmate and when we talked we often found few words common.

I remembered that incident when I saw this video. And sent this to my Iranian classmate, who also appreciated it a lot!

Anyways, now time to share the video…


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