Book: Elephants and Cheetah

I had decided in December 202 that this year (2021) I’ll not buy any new book. This is because I already have enough backlog to clear for the whole year.

However, when I decided that, it was with one exception. I had already pre-ordered a book in late Dec 2020 which was going to arrive in Jan 2021.

The book is the first one written by my Professor at IIM, Ahmedabad – Prof Saral Mukherjee’s Elephants and Cheetah. Prof Saral got the best faculty award (for the third year in a row) when I was there. It was an award based on students’ votes on popular courses/professors.

The book got released on 26th Jan 2021 and finally I received it today!

So this is the first and the last book I purchased in 2021.

Prof. Saral Mukherjee teaches an elective with same name (Elephants and Cheetah) which is an elective course on Operations Strategy. I was luck to have taken that course and it was an amazing experience!

The books seems to be roughly the same as the course. I am really looking forward to reading it immediately after I finish the current book in next few days.

Nothing can match the learning experience by sitting in Prof Saral’s classes; however, I hope to relive that experience through this books and hopefully get some things news. I’m also curious to refer my notes from his class and compare with the book – to see if what I understood then was in line with what he covers in this book.

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