Rare Vintage Talk By Warren Buffett At University of Tennessee 2003

There are few people I closely follow and never get enough of. Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Naval Ravikant are some of them. Books about them, their own writing have been valuable resource, just as it has been for many decades and centuries. However, one of the new formats, which is a blessing of the current era (i.e. last 50 years and now), is video recordings. It adds so many new dimensions when you get to listen, watch the person – rather than just read about him in books.

Take, for instance, Henry Ford. His biography, written somewhere in 1921-22, is just amazing! I highly recommend it to everyone, since it is not popularly known yet. But imagine if there were ample video footage of Henry Ford, and Edison and Tesla and Mark Twain and people like them, so that you could really experience them!

Thankfully, we have good video footage/recording from the last 50+ years and with Internet it has also become accessible across the world. So my list mentioned above is kind of biased because all of them are from the era when video recording is easily available.

I have watched almost all key videos available on Youtube of Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and Steve Jobs. And yet, when I find a new one, I really get excited!

I recently came across one such video which I’m sharing here. It is Warren Buffett’s talk from 2003 at the University of Tennessee. 2003 is not very old, so I don’t know why the video quality looks as if it’s from 1960s. Anyways, do watch it if you also like Warren Buffett.


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