Reading With Purpose

I read Atomic Habits by James Clear in 2020 and was highly impressed by it! I have been reading his blogs even before that.

I decided to act upon book’s core theme of “Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results” and chose to apply it to one of my passions – reading.

I decided that in 2021 I’ll read 1 book every two months. Yes, it’s a very modest target. But I wanted to bring in discipline and sustainable change. It’s not leisurely reading; I take notes and also prepare book summary, if possible (for myself, not for sharing).

I am glad that so far I have managed to keep up with it. Completed 4 books in first 8 months.

The book I just finished was Matt Parker’s funny and insighful one called “Humble Pi — A comedy of maths errors”.

I have picked the next two books for the remaining 4 months of 2021 — The Almanack of Naval Ravikant and The Economics of Small Things.

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