Punit Pania’s Stand-up Comedy Show

Today I watched the first stand-up comedy show. It was by my favourite stand-ip comedian Punit Pania. I have watched almost all his shows on Youtube. So when I go to know that he’s doing a show in Pune close to my place, I immediately booked tickets.

It was a very small, cosy setup at a small cafe which housed just 25-30 people. However the show was really good! 90-100 mins of good thought-provoking comedy!

I watch a lot of stand-up comedy acts on Youtube and enjoy many of them. However Punit is different because his genre is slightly deeper, conscientious, issue-based dark comedy, and not just sex-obsessed, or cuss-word based adult jokes and innuendoes. Probably Varun Grover is another comedian in that league.

Anyways, it’s a good end to Diwali and refreshing experiencing to get ready for the mundane corporate life (ironically Punit’s stand-up was almost entirely targeted at mocking the corporate life).

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