Bangalore Without Traffic!

I am currently in Bangalore; the first visit in 2022 and 6th visit in last 4 months.

With every visit I am liking this city more and more. This time I enjoyed the stay most because the nth wave of COVID means that there is very less traffic on roads and I can walk around and explore the city. Fortunately I am not staying near the IT hub; I am actually in the heart of the city where there are lots of old bungalows and apartments and parks etc.

You must have read that few years back the official English dictionary included a word called Bangalored which was more of a back-handed tribute to the IT Capital of India for moving (or stealing) jobs from the US. This phenomenon also led to the notorious image of Bangalore as a city of traffic jams.

This is a place where the distance is measured in minutes/hours and not in kilometers. This is also a place where Google Map shows a place to be 25 minutes away while walking and 40 minutes away while riding in a car (I have actually seen this, so I can vouch for it.)

And because of that the city becomes even more enjoyable when you have very less traffic (Thanks Omicron)! The weather, of course, is very good now. Wish I could get my family here and spend a few more days with them.

Anyways, Bangalore has already surpassed Hyderabad (where I began my career) as my most favourite Indian metro city (after my hometown Pune, of course). I haven’t spent enough time in Delhi; but based on my brief stay that could be another city I might like. Mumbai will remain the least favourite Indian city by a mile – actually by 92 miles, because that’s the distance between Pune and Mumbai 😊

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