The First Book of 2022 – Whole Numbers and Half Truths

In last few years I have become softer. In the sense that I have adapted my logical and analytical side to accommodate the side which deals with feelings, emotions, empathy etc. I may not have become kinder but I am less acerbic, less caustic and (I hope) less toxic.

Interestingly, I have always been blessed in my life who have been extremely kind to me – loving, caring, teaching me how to love and give unconditionally. And I continue to encounter such people.

The latest example is the Admin on a Non-fiction Book Group I belong to.

Recently Amazon announced that they are going to close a publication called Westland which they own. Closing means winding up, not selling off.

This news was widely circulated and discussed in the reading community because it had a lot of connotations.

Westland publication is known for few books which are extremely critical of the current Government, the party in power (BJP), their parent organisation (RSS) and the man I call Prime Monster i.e. Narendra Modi.

It seems that the invisible powers didn’t like a string of these books which were very critical and the pressure on Amazon was mounting. Amazon also has a big stake in the Indian market and is fighting some fierce battles on multiple fronts – one of them with Govt’s favourite (and favoured) businessman Mukesh Ambani. So Amazon decided to not rub the government the wrong way and decided to wind up the publication.

This is my conjecture (or speculation, the way you see it) and we don’t know the real reason. But there is no reason why they would “wind up” the publication which has several current book titles on the stands. Winding up means they would just kill those titles (because they would have bought the rights from authors and can decide what to do with those books).

Anyways, the avid book readers didn’t like the decision and in support many have decided to extend help to Westland. If the publication is wound up the books would probably be destroyed. So many readers decided to buy those books while they are still available and not recalled.

I am part of a Non-fiction Book lovers group which was started few months back in 2021. It’s a wonderful group where people exchange great book recommendations and discuss their views on non-fiction books and books alone.

The Admin of the group posted the following message with a bunch of books published by Westland.

I liked the idea and I nominated myself for getting one of these books. I already have Aakar Patel’s book. The other ones I liked were Modi’s India, India’s Undeclared Emergency and Whole Numbers and Half Truths. On pondering over these choices I decided to go for the Whole Numbers and Half Truths.

I posted message in the group about my interest and in few hours, to my surprise, I was declared as the winner!

The Admin was so efficient that she immediately contacted me, got my details and sent the book the same say.

I received the book yesterday, in less than 24 hours!

It’s so heartening to experience such great gesture. I have had the privilege of meeting such kind people from time to time. After receiving the book I messaged Admin that she can count me in for the next such initiative.

With her permission I posted on Linked about this first book I received in 2022. And guess what? The Communication and Marketing person in my organisation noticed it and immediately sent me a note saying that I should review this book for the next month’s newsletter 🤦🏻‍♂️

So now it’s no longer fun, but a task 😕

Just kidding… I do like to read and share with others. So it’s not a punishment; just a responsibility. But when someone gives you such a wonderful gift it’s also duty to extend the same courtesy and contribute.

Looking forward to reading the book soon…

PS: I chose this book because I had listened to a long conversation with the author on Amit Varma’s podcast The Seen and The Unseen.


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